“This organization is extraordinarily professional and friendly. They took extremely good care of me and walked me through the process, explaining every step so there was no confusion or discomfort. I would recommend them to anyone, especially vets, as they have a deep appreciation for your service. If you even suspect you are struggling with a sleeping disorder or Sleep Apnea, I highly recommend giving these guys a call, it was the best call I’ve ever made. There is no doubt in my mind that they saved my life, and the way they took care of me really could not be beat. I only wish I could give more than 5 stars.

Hi Carol and Tetyana! Jesse here, and I am getting married in a few hours. I’m laying on my hotel bed going over my vow, mostly in Spanish so kinda freaking out, and I got to thinking. I’m here today because of you guys. I’m not just alive, but getting married to the most amazing woman and starting my life anew. This is because two beautiful people stepped in and provided me with the services I needed to not only save my life, but to bring me back to myself. Being alive is not enough, you have to have the energy to live it. I was thinking how I was before my sleep study and how I wouldn’t even be able to make it through the ceremony without passing out. I thought about before the sleep study, all the times my wife cried in the bathroom thinking I couldn’t hear her because I was too tired to spend time with her. Those nights haunt me. But they ended the very day I got that sleep study. You saved my relationship with my soon to be wife, and our future children will be born because of you guys. So I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again, because I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you thank you thank you.”
– Jesse R.
Hayward, CA

“I am a survivor of a severe brain injury and also HIV positive. At this point I am just trying to stay alive and well. For years my dreams and days have consisted of terrible images consistent with PTSD and other other symptoms of pain in my head and body that I have had to live with for years. My doctor alerted me to to an alternative medical approach and supported by insurance carriers called polysomnography. San Francisco Sleep Diagnostics is a top notch respected facility to help with understanding dream cycles and can analyze everything from lack of breaking in sleep to dangerous patterns of sleep apnea, San Francisco Sleep Diagnostics go out of their way in their state of the art facility to make you feel at home and make sure everything is comfortable. Ask your doctor about polysomnography especially if you are taking sleep aids, snoring, difficulty with breathing, headaches during day, etc.”
– Mike K.
San Francisco, CA

“I’m grateful that SF Sleep Diagnostics was able to set-up a full sleep study at my house. It was actually incredible. They came to my house with all of the necessary equipment and sensors and then I got to sleep in my own bed. In the morning, they came back, collected the equipment, and I get to go about my day as usual. As a side benefit, the specialist who set everything up, taught me quite a bit about sleep and the importance of the different cycles. Bottom line: Obviously having a sleep study done is not at the top of anyone’s to do list, but if you need one, San Francisco Sleep Diagnostics is the way to go.”
– Dwight B.
Morgantown, WV

“I have sleep apnea and have been disappointed in my previous sleep clinic and the poor service provided by previous DME provider. My MD suggested SF Sleep Diagnostics for a new study and recalibration of my CPAP machine. I couldn’t be happier. The professionalism, the helpful information, the customer service — a complete world of difference and a literally life saving experience. The staff are top notch. They only take one patient at a time (unlike my previous sleep factory). They actually follow-up. The facility is very private, quiet, nice, modern and extremely clean. Best experience I’ve ever had.”
– Steve B.
San Francisco, CA

“My husband has been battling sleep apnea (read: loud snoring/abnormal breathing) for a long time. He finally went to the doctor, and was sent to SF Sleep Diagnostics for a night of monitored sleep. He came home rested, and full of information about his condition. Not just numbers, but a thoughtful analysis on how he could get better. Since then, he has received a sleep machine (which shockingly makes no noise) and excellent care. I am so thrilled that he now gets genuine rest.”
– Kristin K.
San Francisco, CA

“This is a wonderful medical organization run by people who truly care about their patients and getting results for their clients. I can’t say enough about their professionalism. They were very good at giving me all of the information that I was looking for regarding my treatment. I don’t usually Yelp businesses, but in this case they went above and beyond. Rest assured that you are in good hands with San Francisco Sleep Diagnostics!!!”
– Giacomo O.
San Francisco, CA