NOTE: If you are a doctor’s office and want to make a direct referral, you may download a referral form and fax the completed form to: 415.359.9998

We are a sleep clinic located on Union Street in San Francisco. We specialize in the diagnosis of a range of sleep disorders with thorough, detailed, and personalized polysomnograms. We are further committed to providing our patients with a convenient, private, and comfortable environment that no other lab can match.

Our services emphasize:


We have a Sleep Medicine Physician, Dr. Kevin Zhao, certified with years of experience in sleep diagnosis and treatment

Two Registered technologists (with over 20 years cumulative experience)

As part of each CPAP titration, one of our technologists provides a complimentary orientation to CPAP (mask fit and machine use)

2 to 3 days after the CPAP prescription is provided as well as a physician follow up appointment two weeks after starting CPAP to assess compliance, side effects, or any difficulties with use to maximize CPAP compliance and comfort

On-time longer appointments: 60 minute intakes and 30 minute follow-ups

Communication and Partnership

Each patient receives 24/7 telephone access to our technical and administrative staff.

Referring physicians receive 24/7 telephone access to our sleep specialist regarding the ongoing sleep medicine care of their patients

Unless otherwise requested by the referring physician, our policy is to completely manage a patient’s sleep health while keeping their referring physician continuously informed of the care plan and the patient’s progress along that path.


All insurances accepted except and Medicare and HMOs

We take care of all pre-authorizations for studies

We work directly with durable medical equipment companies (DME) to coordinate CPAP prescriptions and insurance coverage for our patients.


Our goal is to provide intake appointments within 1 week or less and overnight sleep study appointments with 2 weeks or less


We are the only sleep center in San Francisco to offer 24 lead at home remotely attended PSG studies ensuring the highest quality of at home sleep studies possible. For in lab studies, we can accommodate a family member or caretaker to stay with the patient as needed.

All of us at SFSD (physicians, technologists, administrators, owners and staff) are personally invested in successfully diagnosing and treating your sleep disorders.